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Converting your local Starbucks into a Call Center (Those annoying phone-yappers!)

most-annoying-iphoneHow many times have you had to experience some moron who converts your favorite coffee shop into call center? It is obvious that whoever they represent did not teach their people anything about social etiquette. Companies who fail to do this may increase a sale or two with whoever is being notified, but are losing a public relations campaign in the process.

When I stop by a Starbucks or a local competitor of Starbucks it is generally for a chance to regroup and check in on email. On occasion, I may do a little bit of work or even blogging. But if and when I do have a phone call to make I will always take it outside. Obviously, beyond simple courtesy, it isn’t professional of me to discuss a client’s business over the phone where others can listen. Furthermore, the recipient of my call deserves to hear me with as much clarity (lack of background noise as possible)

Several years ago, a great book entitled Social Intelligence addressed the growing lack of common sense of some in our society. Phone-yapping in your local Starbucks is another example. If you have a sales team, be sure to train them not turn coffee houses, cafes or restaurants into local call centers. As the old adage goes, there is a time and a place for everything.