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Running the meat grinder with Short sighted hiring policies

When it comes to hiring practices, there are still companies out there that just do not seem to get it.

What do I mean by this? I am referring to the meat grinder approach to hiring and firing. Unfortunately, a sad percentage of companies in America continue with this shortsighted practice. Some of them right here in the back yard of Austin Texas.

Once a week, I have one of our research interns go through various want ads and job placement boards searching for companies that appear to have a high level of job listings. Why? Because it generally means one of two things:

  1. Business is booming and they are expanding! (Good for us, because they tend to be highly receptive to ad and marketing services, and growth strategy planning that we can advise on!)
  1. 2. The second is a company is going through a phase, which is causing a frustrating level of job turnover. Also good because we provide services that will get inside an operation to determine what is wrong.

Then there are those who just “turn over” employees for the sake of well, “turning over employees!” Why? Not because it is fun, but because these businesses actually believe it is less costly to spend an obscene amount of money placing ads, interviewing prospects, training, terminating and then eventually fighting challenges with the State Departments of Labor.

I became fascinated with one company particular; you know the one that maintains ongoing weekly ads in the job listings section of the paper and 30 or so on Craigslist, and on and on. Interestingly enough, I came across someone who had actually interviewed with them, and was told she was hired!

The job candidate first discovered that unlike the ad had promised, the pay was not what it alluded to be. Then when she asked about someone being sick, she was advised that calling in sick required a doctor’s note. But what about health insurance so that one could afford a doctor’s visit? No such thing, “but wait the HR guy exclaimed, you will be so excited working for us that you won’t have time to get sick!”

Of course, as the story grew worse it became apparent that her “alarming opportunity” had really become an “Alarming” situation!

After hearing the story, we actually contacted them and suggested that they stood to save a substantial amount of money if they revised their HR policies and sought ways to maintain happy employees.

One would think that in today’s job environment, people being hired would really try to stay employed. Even in a lousy work environment. Not the case for these people. High turnover proudly continues. When asked why? We were told that many people who come to work just don’t work out. Really?!

So, for the next decade I suppose they will continue to run the meat grinder. Eventually however, as word gets around about how bad of an employer this company really is, then things will eventually catch up with them. You see, consumers don’t like to give their business to someone who hurt a spouse, family member or friend. Bad hiring practices are eventually seen for what they are, “bad for business!”