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A Matter of Perception

Monday, June 29th, 2015

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When driving through downtown I noticed a large sign that read “efficiency apartments here.”
Next the radio ad begins blurting out the great value of “pr-owned” vehicles. Continuing through the neighborhood I noticed the sign in front of the upscale home that read, “For lease.”

With all of this is a common thread about how a small name change for the same thing creates a different image.

Efficiency apartments use to be called Studio’s. But that alluded to perhaps more to – needing to be on a starving student on a budget instead of upscale, hipster and cool.
In zeroing into the increased value perception of apartments for rent, and the practical reason for charging tenants perhaps 30 – 50% more, apartment complexes began posting signs that say, “luxury apartments homes for lease!” Sounds more inviting – and no doubt more expensive doesn’t it?

Pr-owned originally meant “used”, but that alluded to old, dirty, stinky – and for the poor folks. So the term went to Pr-owned – representing a smart purchase by the “Millionaire next Door.” Sounds much more sophisticated doesn’t it? Finally, for lease, like pr-owned is simply a warmed over and updated version of “for rent.” Oh but the words leasing and pr-owned creates a more positive spin doesn’t it?

Words create a picture which motivates and prepares the buyer for whatever is being sold. It is a powerful way to enhance your advertising – but be sure that whoever is putting together your campaign truly understands the image the word is intended to create.