Specializing in bringing together all components necessary for long term business growth,
profitability and success; and ensuring
that they are working in harmony.

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What is it I do? And, what is it I want to do?

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Recently I conferred with a friend where I suggested areas in her business strategy that I felt I could further advise her.
From issues in business culture to resolving expansion challenges, I shared stories of previous engagements. I then turned our conversation to a business model I had been developing with previous business partners (a model in her sector) that I had always believed that had we continued – would have been immensely successful.

In earlier discussions, we also entertained the idea of utilizing my firm’s services to the benefit of her marketing and funding strategies. Therefore, I confidently assumed that she was already aware of “what I do.” However, as we broadened our discussion to other possible areas of strengths I could offer her she looked at me and simply asked, “What is it you want to do?” “I mean”, she continued, “you have shared stories about what you have done, but you have never told me what you really want to do?”

For a few minutes, I was dumb founded by the question. “Why doesn’t she understand what I do I asked myself?” Who else is there that still doesn’t get it? “Or is the question specific to “what is it I want to do” in the immediate case of the conversation?”

Ironically, later that afternoon I received a call from a respected business colleague who conveyed his own frustration with the same dilemma. “I am good at technology, analytics, problem solving and have a large roller-dx of investors.” But it seems like everybody just wants to put me in a box” he exclaimed.”
To his point, I suggested that he clarify his list of deliverables which are tied in with his love for what he does.

So here is what I want to do:
Bring my specific skills and talents to the benefit of engagements, which allows me to enjoy and profit from using them. Once again, my skills and talents include long and short-term business strategies, which are complemented through marketing and creative advertising.
Building on these attributes include, the capacity to assess employee morale/performance as well as increasing customer retention. (Remember, no advertising or growth strategies are meaningful unless both employees and customers are happy.) Finally, a qualified list of contacts and resources are also available/when required –as part of services provided.

Engagement requirements are not just the amount the financial reward, but that I stand to truly benefit clients objectives from the use of my skills and talents. If not, then I am not interested.
Having multiple business skills does not make me a Jack-Of-All-Trades. I am not. I am not claiming to be a plumber also or software designer too. Nor do I repair cars or build electrical grids. I am however, an expert at taking a full and complete look at a business so that one piece of the flywheel supports the other.

Marketing needs to bring market share. However, when the market share is realized then the company must be ready for the growth that follows – and this is the philosophy I have built my practice on.

As indicated on our website, the mission is:
“Specializing in bringing together all components necessary for long-term business growth, profitability and success; and ensuring that they are working in harmony”.
What part of that do I love? All of it! Because it is all-inclusive for a company’s success!

So what about you? What are the things you are good at? Are their additional services your business can offer which are truly co-complementary? Are you really good at it, or do you need to take some time to further develop it? Whatever you chose to offer, be sure that it diversifies your services in a positive way, which is consistent to providing the best resources available.

Complements to Whataburger

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

I want to complement Whataburger on a couple of things. No, they are not a client so this is not intended to be anything other than an acknowledgment of the following:

Recently, I had a great customer experience with them. Because I need to watch my sodium intake, I requested that the fries with my order have very little salt. Instead, I received my combo meal with one cheeseburger, a drink and fries – (with too much salt.)

After bringing it up to the manager (more, for letting them know that this could be a problem that they may not aware) she inquired what my total order was. Upon reply, she promptly re-entered the order in the register and Bing! – brought up $6.37 – which she returned.

I thanked her and stated that it was not my intention to be reimbursed for an entire order, and that I just wanted them to know about the salt issue for future purposes. She just smiled and said, “No sir, we want you to be happy with your entire order and if not, then want to make it right for you.”

I gladly accepted her generosity and told her that Whataburger had just earned “a customer for life.” In addition, I have shared this story with many people and am now telling you, the readers as well. From What-a Burgers competitors to phone companies to other businesses in other sectors:

How many times do you (the customer) just want to be treated right? How many billions of dollars are spent needlessly trying to woo or woo back customers? How much would be saved – and gained – if other companies took care of their customers the way Whataburger took care of me?

Finally, unlike so many TV ads that I immediately mute, I absolutely love the What-a Burger ads! Talk about an ad campaign geared to the Texas consumers – and I am not even a “good ole boy!” Kudos to the Ad Agency who is carrying out their campaign.  Someday I would really enjoy the opportunity to meet the voice over guy in their ad. In the meantime; I applaud one company for honoring their promise to provide something they promise “just like you like it!”