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Getting Ready For an Another Round of Useless Job Creation Ideas

Friday, August 19th, 2011

As the 2012 election cycle launches into high gear, everyone seems to be talking about jobs. So now every candidate who claims to understand the real pain in our economy appears “to have a plan “or, so they think!

Last night while watching the news we were all informed that President Obama is about to unveil his new improved jobs plan. And, from what I heard, it is pretty much the same as what he has tried previously with no results!

Spending massive amounts on infrastructure, (though badly needed) simply will not do the trick. Spending money on roads, bridges, energy and the like is too focused on narrow sectors of the economy, lacking the vision of taking a broad approach.

Based on this assumption, the majority of Americas unemployed are let’s say, “construction workers? “ Therefore, I remain eternally frustrated that he still ignores a real conversation with Main Street USA.

These are the small businesses across the country that have always been the backbone of our economy. These are the true innovators and original job creators. As Earl Nightingale, a renowned business philosopher once asked, “Where do you think our great businesses and industries came from? With one or two individuals with a great idea – and built something from there.”

Everyone begins with an idea, and if it is a good one – then it takes hold and grows. From Apple Computers (Steve Jobs and his colleagues with one great idea) to new consumer products being created today across the country and share the common thread.

Instead of pumping massive amounts of money into  plans that still have not worked it is time that we create thousands of seed money incubators across the country to review, monitor and successfully grow new business. Sure, some will fail, but look at Apple and others like them and ask yourself, how many jobs will be created if they take off? Small business on Main Street USA will also benefit from real help to secure easier to obtain SBA loans, hire more people who will then be able to spend – driving the economy toward real recovery.

So Mr. President, please, get rid of your Big Business and Union economic team advisers. Dump your college friends who never had a real business in the private sector, and listen to us on Main Street. Because small businesses, and qualified start-ups have a tendency to surprise us all!

My wish list for the country

Friday, December 17th, 2010

OK, I admit it, it is actually long but here are some of the things I wish for, and would like to share. Consider it my wish list for 2011:

Create a unified national incubator for start-up considerations where candidates are judged on their ideas and likelihood to succeed rather than just their credit scores and current equity. This should not mean that anything goes and candidates should not be vetted. On the contrary.

Nevertheless, it does reflect my own professional experiences from reviewing hundreds of start-up considerations who had retained our services. Yes, their concept was sound and its potential good. Except, they did not have a couple of hundred thousand to seed their idea, and Investors were not interested unless they did. My colleagues and I agree that if just one forth of these start-ups had been funded, then even after the potential for failure rate –thousands of jobs would have been created! And that’s just from the start-up considerations that we reviewed.

Funding for this would also provide for qualified professionals in the areas of strategy, management, branding and advertising to oversee the projects until they become self-sufficient. Imagine how much further, our economy may be if the Stimulus money went into helping qualified start-up considerations instead?

A complete overhaul of our current tax code – to truly differentiate big corporate, from mid-size and small business – not to mention over compensated Wall Street CEOs from small business owners. Now I realize that I really need 10 pages to adequately explain the particulars, (and feel free to call me if you would like to hear more), but let’s just begin with the premise.

While I don’t agree with the Death Tax I certainly feel that the fat cats who got away with destroying the economy should be paying a much higher percentage of taxes for all of their bonuses – particularly when their compensation is so imbalanced with that of their average employees. Small businesses (the true backbone of the economy) should be given the largest breaks so that they can continue long-term sustainable growth.

Moreover, if nobody is aware of it yet, we ARE in big trouble financially and yes, we all need to be prepared for some sacrifices if we are going to have much of a country to left our children. Please refer to the history of great powers of the past. Begin with Spain and follow-up with the collapse of the British Empire.

Adapt total pricing standards to

Give teachers the power to teach by demanding respect and courtesy from not only the students, but from the parents as well. We can throw trillions of dollars at education but if the teachers are not appreciated or respected, then what’s the point? We are falling fast in the area of education. How many teachers in Asian countries are treated with the level of disrespect that our teachers are?

Speaking of: Why aren’t we teaching all middle school students about money management, investment, consumerism and credit? Hmmmmm.

Finally, let’s stop thinking in terms of pro-union, pro-business, Red State, Blue State, but hey, “what’s good for the country?”