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profitability and success; and ensuring
that they are working in harmony.

The Big Twenty-Five For companies generating between 10 – 100M in annual revenue

Please fill out the questions below…
1. Do you have a business plan, which is applicable to your company’s current challenges and long term strategies?

2. Are your objectives meeting these strategies?

3. How would you measure your company’s results for navigating through the current recession?

4. Are you interested in creating a more effective game plan to not only navigate the current economic downturn, but to also consider additional streams of revenue?
5. Do you believe that the majority of your employees are happy to be working for your organization and committed to your company’s long-term objectives?
6. How high is your employee retention level?

and, is this what you would like to maintain, or would you prefer turnover solutions?

7. Have you provided a customer survey recently? If so, are they telling you that you are providing them with the type of products and services they thought that they would be receiving?

8. Does your current advertising, branding and marketing reflect this impression?

9. Would you prefer that your customers do most of the marketing for you, thus saving your company investment for capital improvements?

10. Do you have a competent business attorney who can advise you on protecting you in your business expansion?

11. Is your internet and telecommunications team keeping your company up to date with the latest necessary technologies and systems designed to meet your growth?

12. Do you have a great and engaging business relationship with your current business banker?

13. Are you interested in seeking additional outside investment?

14. Have you recently submitted your business plan to Angel Investors, VC(s) or Government (stimulus) programs?
15. How effective would is your current ad campaign and would you like it to be more effective?

16. Are you interested in growing your company

17. Please select part of the world you would you like to expand into first.

18. Do you currently have a competent business adviser, or consultancy working with you?

19. If so, are they focusing on just one to three components only, designed to help you expand your business?

20. Would you be interested in working with a service that takes an entire holistic approach to all facets of your business?

21. Are you interested in long-term business strategies designed to position your company for future funding as well as positioning for an M&A?

22. Business sector is

23. Current number of locations

24. Number of employees

25. Annual sales