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Too phoned to listen

Picture this: A small business owner is paying for professional services. It could be a meeting with an attorney, an accountant, a marketing strategist or business adviser. In the middle of a critical discussion pertaining to the survivability of their business, the vibrating of his/her I-phone goes off.

On another occasion, I hired a service provider to help troubleshoot a problem I was having with my laptop.  Just in the middle of seeking clarification to a very important issue, there it came the vibrating from his I-phone. “Sorry, he said, looking at his phone, it’s another customer; I need to make sure I am available”.

In each case, the message was clear, the meeting in the present was not as important as the call on the phone.

Many of the small business owners find themselves caught in this trap while they continue to complain that a problem is not being solved. These problems were in fact being addressed  when their phones buzzed!

Message? It appears that the phone is more important than the solution. Worse, each call they thought they needed to check cost them billable hours they are most likely charged for.

As for the service provider, his phone caused him to lose me as a client.

Phones and other tech essentials are important. Nevertheless, smart business people benefit from learning how to control their environment so that they are in control of their business. Otherwise, their business is controlling them. Controlling the phone is an important first step! This goes back to the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – one thing at a time.

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