Specializing in bringing together all components necessary for long term business growth,
profitability and success; and ensuring
that they are working in harmony.

About The Russell Consulting Group


About the founder and Principal Advisor:

John Russell has been a Business Adviser since 1992.He began his practice while running three successful ventures in Hawaii, and was sought out by several businesses requesting his counsel and perspective.

"Our Focus is On Your Business"

As the founder and Principal Adviser of his firm The Russell Consulting Group, he has been instrumental in successfully navigating companies and business owners through financial straits and economic downturns with a combination of candid assessment and innovative solutions.

As a former popular speaker with Small Business Hawaii, an organization encompassing over 3,500 businesses, as well as a seminar speaker with Cal-fed Bank in California, Mr. Russell has lent his knowledge and insights to the benefit of business leaders seeking to map out intelligent strategies for future growth and success.

His clients have included small businesses seeking rapid expansion as well as Multi National Corporations requiring management consulting and intervention both in the United States and in Europe.

Mr. Russell continues to believe and advocate the importance of blending historical knowledge to current social, political and economic events. Today’s political and economic climate demands that we be vigilant toward understanding the lessons of yesterday with the opportunities we can create for tomorrow.

He is a resident in the Austin area while continuing to maintain and grow his practice throughout the United States and Central Europe.












free online evaluation!free online evaluation!

Who we help

Small to medium size companies that are interested in strategically aggressive growth.

We enjoy a variety of interesting challenges from all sectors. However, we are selective and will only take on a client that we truly believe we can benefit.

Our process

Upon an initial review, a decision will be made to either submit a proposal or recommend you to another firm who may be a better fit. Upon the acceptance of our proposal,project enagement will ensue until completed. On-going monitoring of company performance is strongly encouraged.

Sample of your projected investment for services offered

• Preliminary review and assessment of your current business plan – from 350.00
• Evaluating funding potential – from 550.00
• Company MRI – designed to trouble shoot and identify potential malignancies in your company – from 2,950.00
• Customer surveys - from 2,250.00
• Branding and advertising review – from 1,290.00
• Employee assessment of morale and performance – from 2,000.00
• Growth strategies – phase one – local (businesses with 1 – 5 existing locations – with objective to grow by 50% - from 5,950.00)
• Growth strategies – phase two – area wide within a 100 mile radius (companies with 5 – 25 existing locations with objective to grow by 50%) – from 7,500.00. This includes City, location assessment/scouting review with emphasis to cultural/product and services match, government incentives, talent pool(s), consumer demand and current market competition, strengths and weaknesses.

The following strategies are - from 10,000.00:

• Growth strategies – phase three – statewide
• Growth strategies – phase four – regionally
• Growth strategies – phase five – nationally
• Growth strategies – phase six – region/internationally
• Growth strategies – phase seven – global

Includes City, location assessment/scouting review with an emphasis to cultural/product and services match, government incentives, talent pool(s), consumer demand and current market competition, strengths and weaknesses. Also, consideration to political environment/Government stability and review of exchange rate trends.

We are not interested in clients who:

Are adverse to calculated growth
Resistant to necessary changes designed to create long-term growth and profitability
Afraid to “think outside the box”
Sell products that are harmful to children or otherwise socially irresponsible



Our hubs

The San Francisco Bay Area, CA. - Even though our original business model was created in Hawaii, it was here that a concerted effort to build our practice began. We continue to work with established clients and bring on new ones both in the Bay Area as well as in the Pacific Northwest. Many of them on referral from our existing clients.






Austin TX. - When most people think of Austin Texas, great music, new technologies, video games, bio science and creative energy comes to mind, not to mention home of UT, and football. But did you also know that Austin is a major hub for small business growth, which includes everything from consumer products to tasty treats? This is one of the reasons why the Principal Adviser with The Russell Consulting Group resides here.




Prague - Czech Republic – In 1994, while traveling throughout Europe, we discovered an exciting energy and all encompassing business growth with not only newly founded Central European companies, but also real opportunity for North American companies wishing to expand into new markets.

Though Central Europe remains our EU strong suite, our network also encompasses the entire EU as well countries up for EU consideration.


Connect the dots...

San Francisco provides a gateway to the Pacific Rim including Hawaii – Austin, centrally located in Texas, serves to energize emerging possibilities between tech companies in Silicon Valley and those in Central Texas – Prague, centrally located in the heart of Europe, offers clients wishing to consider expansion into Europe a convenient central location. Influenced not only from its own rich Bohemian culture, but also by the French, Germans, and Russians. Ideal for test marketing as well as business model introduction.